Quality Control
and Reduction of Costs

We have longtime experience in all different application:

ibr - Measuring
Controlling of dryer and all sorts of kiln
(burning temperature from 100 to 1300 °C)
Concerning: temperature, humidity and contraction
Waste gas analyses (O2, CO2, CO, NOx, HF, excess air)
Determination of the mass flow
Controlling and determination of the actual data concerning production

ibr - Data analysis
Energy consumption
Thermal balance
Controlling costs

ibr - Optimization
Reduction of energy consumption
Improving of quality
Reduction of costs

ibr - Innovation
Installing, controlling, valuating of tenders
Supervision and installing of factories
Putting into operation

peripharal HF-absorption
Informations under:
» www.hf-absorb.eu

ibr - Licensing
Licensing procedures concerning international laws
E.g. Emission and immersions law of Germany

Other national
and international obligations

Use our huge experience in Germany, Europe,
Middle East, USA, and many other countries.

We have operated, controlled, determined or
built over 100 dryers or kilns.

Ask us and we shall send you an not binding offer.

We are always prepared to help our clients in all
critical situation.

We guarantee you an excellent ibr - service.

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